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Social Sector Support

Our Mission

At Beautiful New Beginnings (BNB), we are dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of individuals working in the social sector. As a community interest company ourselves, we understand firsthand the unique challenges and emotional demands faced by those who tirelessly serve our communities. Our mission is to provide essential emotional support to these individuals, ensuring their mental resilience and overall wellbeing. 

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Why This Support is Crucial

The Emotional Toll of Social Sector Work: Working in the social sector often means being on the front lines of addressing society's most pressing issues. Whether it's providing food at food banks, organising stay-and-play sessions for children, or supporting vulnerable populations, these roles demand significant emotional labor. The constant exposure to others' struggles and the pressure to make a positive impact can lead to burnout, compassion fatigue, and mental health challenges.

Understanding the Need:

  • Unique Challenges: Social sector workers deal with complex and often distressing situations daily. This can result in high levels of stress and emotional exhaustion.

  • Limited Resources: Many organisations in the social sector operate with limited funding and resources, often prioritising their services over the wellbeing of their staff.

  • Lack of Support: Despite the critical nature of their work, many social sector employees do not have adequate access to mental health support and professional counselling services.


The Impact of Untreated Stress:

  • Decreased Effectiveness: Chronic stress and burnout can reduce a worker’s ability to perform effectively, impacting the quality of support provided to those in need.

  • High Turnover Rates: Without proper support, employees are more likely to leave their positions, leading to high turnover rates and instability within organisations.

  • Personal Wellbeing: Neglecting mental health can have severe personal consequences, including anxiety, depression, and other health issues.


Our Commitment:

  • Comprehensive Support: By offering tailored mental health and wellbeing services, we aim to provide social sector workers with the tools they need to manage their stress and emotional challenges.

  • Empowering Individuals: Our goal is to empower individuals with self-care strategies and professional support, helping them to maintain their passion and effectiveness in their roles.

  • Strengthening Communities: Supporting the wellbeing of social sector workers ultimately strengthens the communities they serve, ensuring more sustainable and impactful support for those in need.

About Our Pilot Scheme

From July 2024 to September 2024, we are launching a pilot scheme to offer comprehensive mental health and wellbeing support to professionals in the social sector, including charities, community interest companies, and the voluntary sector.

To raise awareness about our support services and provide resources for team wellbeing, we will host two networking events. These events will include a presentation on the pilot scheme, a workshop on self-care within the social sector, and demonstrations of holistic treatments. Networking opportunities will also be available, with lunch provided. Attendees will receive a QR code to book a one-time 1-1 session with a counsellor.

In addition to the networking events, we will conduct 1/2 day wellbeing workshops. These workshops aim to provide practical self-care strategies and holistic therapies, including mini holistic treatments provided by our wellbeing practitioner. The workshops will be conducted at workplaces by the BNB team of counsellors and holistic practitioners. Participants will receive a QR code to book a one-time 1-1 session with a counsellor.

We will also offer personalised emotional support through individual online counseling sessions. These sessions can be scheduled and managed through an online diary system for ease of access. Additionally, we will organise team wellbeing days to enhance collective wellbeing through in-person workshops and holistic treatments, focusing on team dynamics and collective stress management.

How to Get Involved

Individuals will soon be able to visit our website to complete a registration form to access support. Team leaders or project funders can also refer individuals needing support through our referral system. The scope of support provided during the pilot scheme will depend on the level of funding received. We will prioritise support during peak stress periods, especially over Christmas. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

Throughout the pilot scheme, we will implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of the support provided and identify areas for improvement. We will collect regular feedback from participants and team leaders through surveys, track engagement levels and session attendance, and assess changes in participant wellbeing through pre- and post-support surveys. Continuous analysis of feedback and performance metrics will help us refine and enhance the support program.

Networking Events Coming Soon
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