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Antenatal Courses 

Our Antenatal Courses are led by a range of different pregnancy experts and offer both an online and in person service! The course is designed to leave you feeling confident, prepared and excited for the arrival of your little one. 

Pregnant Woman and Partner
Pregnant Woman and Partner

Antenatal Course 

Our in person courses are 5 weeks over 7 hours led by a range of pregnancy professionals with 4 hours of video content to supplement the course watchable at your leisure. 

Week 1 

Come and join our antenatal educator for a 2 hour session which covers birth choices and preparation including, where to give birth, the birth environment and birth partner support. We cover preparing the body, birth preferences and include all hand outs for you to be able to create your own plan at home with your partner. This session will also cover birth physiology including hormones, signs of labour and stages of labour. There’ll also be plenty of time to get to know your classmates over refreshments. 


Week 2 

This one hour session will again be delivered by our antenatal educator and will cover managing your pain and possible interventions including methods of pain relief, induction of labour, instrumental birth and caesarean birth. 

This content will be supplemented with all handouts and additional online content to include information on 

The fourth trimester 

Physical recovery after birth


Support and visitors  

Baby Feeding


Week 3 

Pelvic Floor, Core and Functional Stretches

Our personal trainer, nutritionalist and pregnancy exercise specialist will support you with functional stretches and exercises to alleviate common pregnancy ailments and aches. Providing information on the changes that happen to the body and how best to support those changes. This practical session is often one of the most useful. Providing support for the lower back, pelvis and core, this session will leave you feeling lighter and calmer! Birth positioning is also a focus of this session along with breathing effectively for birth and labour 


Week 4 

Come and join Cal our Early years Specialist teacher with SEND quals, baby massage instructor and tummy time instructor who will talk you through the early days with your baby! We’ll cover bonding and attachment, baby brain development, life with a newborn, registering your baby, packing the hospital bag and much more! 


Week 5 

Our Baby First aid session is always an incredibly popular session! Providing information on caring for your baby, recognising signs of illness, common childhood illnesses, febrile convulsion, CPR, baby recovery position, sepsis and useful first aid kit essentials. This session will leave you with a clear understanding of how to support your baby and how to seek effective help. 

Online Content 

As well as 6 hours worth of face to face classes, your antenatal course is also supplemented by the following video content 

Bringing your baby home and the fourth trimester 

Baby Brain Development 

Bonding and attachment 

Baby Wearing 

Breast feeding information 

Common Childhood illnesses 

Baby Proofing your home. 


These videos will be sent out to you via email during the first session of the course and will be yours to watch and re-watch as many times as you need. The videos support the information delivered in sessions by the professionals delivering the course. Please do feel free to ask any questions you may have throughout the course, either via phonecall, email, or at the in person sessions. 

Antenatal Course Online 

Our online antenatal course covers all you need to know and more to help you prepare for the birth of your little one from sessions with our antenatal educator, breastfeeding support, pelvic floor and core support as well as sessions on baby brain development, bonding and attachment this course is comprehensive, easy to watch and jam packed with information! 

Questions? We're happy to chat via phone or email to answer them all! 

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