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Tue, 12 Dec


Nurturing Positive Behaviour: A Workshop for Parents and Carers

Are you seeking guidance on navigating the complex landscape of your child's behaviour? Join us for an insightful workshop, Nurturing Positive Behaviour.

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Nurturing Positive Behaviour: A Workshop for Parents and Carers
Nurturing Positive Behaviour: A Workshop for Parents and Carers

Time & Location

12 Dec 2023, 18:00 – 19:00


About the event

Workshop Highlights:

Understanding Behaviours:

Delve deep into the intricacies of children's behaviour. Explore the impact of age, developmental stages, and external influences. Gain valuable insights into deciphering the messages behind behaviours, laying the foundation for a more empathetic and understanding approach.

Behavioural Challenges:

Address common behavioural challenges faced by parents and carers. Learn proactive strategies to navigate issues such as tantrums, defiance, and other challenging behaviours. Discover effective methods to promote positive alternatives and reinforce constructive habits.

Effective Communication:

Enhance your communication skills to build strong connections with your children. Explore techniques for expressing expectations, setting boundaries, and fostering open dialogue. Learn the art of active listening and communication styles that contribute to a positive parent-child relationship.

Conflict Resolution:

Equip yourself with tools for resolving conflicts peacefully. Understand the sources of conflict within the family dynamic and learn constructive approaches to navigate disagreements. Discover strategies that promote understanding, compromise, and resolution.

Collaborative Problem-Solving:

Explore the power of collaborative problem-solving within the family unit. Learn how to involve children and young people in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of responsibility and autonomy. Develop skills to collectively address challenges and find solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Why Attend?

  • Holistic Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of behaviour, from its roots to practical strategies for improvement.
  • Practical Solutions: Acquire actionable strategies to address behavioural challenges and promote positive development.
  • Enhanced Communication: Strengthen your communication skills for more effective and harmonious interactions.
  • Conflict Resolution Mastery: Learn techniques to navigate conflicts and build a more peaceful family environment.
  • Collaborative Family Dynamics: Discover the power of collaborative problem-solving and its positive impact on family relationships.

Registration Information:

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Join us for an enriching experience that will contribute to the well-being and positive development of your children and young people.


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