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Gross Motor Development

So when should your child be sitting, standing, rolling and walking and why is it so important that we know? Read on to have the child development milestones revealed!

What are gross motor skills and why are they so important? Gross motor skills are important for major body development such as walking, jumping, skipping, reaching, sitting, standing and maintaining balance and co-ordination. Gross motor skills involve movement of the large muscles in arms, legs and torso. There are many important gross motor milestones in your little ones life and many milestones which your child should meet, sitting, standing, running, rolling jumping and so on. Without the development of these large muscle groups, development of the fine motor muscles is more difficult. For example, if a child cannot sit, expecting them to be able to control their body to write or hold a pencil effectively is a milestone that is quite out of reach.

If at any point you have any concerns about your child’s development, while they are under five your health visitor or GP should be your first point of call. Following five, care will pass from the health visitor to school nurse and your school SENDCo should be able to pass you the relevant contact details and discuss any concerns with you too. Our lottery funded classes provide activities which will support all of these key areas of learning and THIS is why coming along to our classes is great for your little ones development and co-ordination primarily, as well as providing fun, play based classes for your little one to learn in. Please sign up to and have a look at our classes which are full of play based learning and provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions about your child's development too!

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